Bible Study


If you’ve contacted us for your free Bible then many thanks for your interest and below are a few options on how you can obtain it.

  1. Order from
  2. Drop your address details to our Church Meeting Room as above any time
  3. Collect it yourself on the 1st Saturday of every month during our charity coffee morning between 10.30 —11.30hrs at our above address.
  4. Collect any Sunday during our service and communal lunch (12.30 —13.15). If you wish to attend our service which includes a Bible talk it starts at 11.00hrs

The Bible being given is a NEV edition (New European Version) covering both Old and New Testaments.

Our objective in making these Bibles available is simply to give you the opportunity to discover God our loving creator for yourself without any hype from us. For that reason alone we will not pester you for any feed back or commitment or money etc.

None the less we are available should you wish for any discussion or help/guidance you might like to aid your studying.

For your general information it might interest you to know that we do have a weekly Bible study group presently held in one of our member’s homes. Also, depending upon interest there is scope to form a weekly study group at our meeting room.

Also you can ask questions through our web page comments section which shortly will include on going Bible Topics intended to aid your Bible study.





3 thoughts on “Bible Study

  1. This is a testimony for an old friend. Keri Bolton, you were right. I was blind and deaf. Ive been blessed with the holy spirit and the truth is clear to me and realise I should have listened. God Bless You

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